Società gestione servizi agri-logistici

SOGESAL deals with national and international logistics, loading / unloading of goods, inspection and shipment of goods, business advice. SOGESAL operates in Catania and has correspondents in major Italian and European ports.

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Servizi portuali

Consulenza aziendale

Quality. Safety. Sogesal

Sogesal, Società Gestione Servizi Agri Logistici srl, is a young and dynamic company operating in the fields of international logistics and inspection of various kinds of goods, with particular reference to sea traffic. The company is situated in Catania with operational bases in major ports in Sicily and national and international agents and exercises its trade through three business divisions.

Port and Logistic Services

It’s the sector that represents about 70% of sales revenues and is devoted to cargo loading / unloading, customs formalities, import / export / Community transit / coasting trade, DDT issue, weighing, handling management in case of damage to the goods, including claim against the carrier and intervention of an expert jointly with cargo underwriters and / or representatives of shipowners, work coordination, vessel chartering with advice on drawing up the charter-party, determination of lay-days, any demurrage and / or Despatch Money, handling of all operations, etc.

Control / Inspection of Goods

It’s the operating division dedicated to inspection of holds, quality control (sampling, determination of contract items, laboratory analysis, etc.), conditioning and quantity of goods (bascule weighing, automatic scales, draft survey) with release of regular certificates.
This activity is carried out as a member of GAFTA, London, which counts the main international inspection companies being authorized to issue certificates of inspection certifying the quality and quantity of goods.

Industrial Technical Services

This sector represents one of the largest business prospects and has a gradual increase of 10% per annum. The business consists in consultancy, technical assistance and training to small and medium enterprises with particular reference to risk prevention and safety.
Sogesal is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008